The Music Festival Graveyard: Beautiful Branding From Festivals Past

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Anyone else longing for the good old days when music festivals were actually a thing? As you can probably guess, the live music industry has been hit pretty hard by the pandemic, so we thought we’d get a little nostalgic today and look back on some beautiful branding from music festivals past.

That’s right—the Dribbble community is chock full of graphic designers who have had the pleasure of working on logos and poster designs for some pretty epic live music festivals taking place in the last few years. So until we can gather together once again and enjoy the music, here’s a little visual blast from the past

  1. 🌼🌱 Wild Coyote Filigree music festival floral filigree coyote illustration folk americana

  2. Bluebird Music Festival music bluebird festival mark logo

  3. AIGA Design + Music Festival alligator poster weed eater illustration

  4. Fried Festival branding typography vector design illustration

  5. Outside Lands 🐃🌳✨ festival poster festival poster buffalo bison gig poster

  6. colors. colors. colors. who likes to party funky festival event branding cider

  7. 2019 Field Day Music Festival illustration wings sun notes guitar butterfly festival music

  8. Stagecoach 2016 illustration vector california desert sun hat cowboy cactus western music festival country

  9. Bonnaroo 2019 festival poster music festival festival gig poster

  10. Off Beat Music Festival retro stars motel identity logo campaign festival music nevada reno

  11. Fisherman's Village - Lineup Posters 🐙 linework banjo typography washington event poster octopus illustration identity music festival lettering

  12. Botánica Mark Development illustration music festival day of the dead skull branding botanical

  13. Newport Jazz Festival color 70s 60s music festival jazz shapes illustration retro vintage

  14. Coachella Pizza shirt merchandise cap style arts festival music coachella boombox pizza vector illustration

  15. Opelika Songwriters Festival 2020 poster design restaurant train music festival illustration

  16. Lollapalooza posters music concert festival lollapalooza

  17. Pumpkin Spice Vibes harvest fall festival type lockup blackletter banjo illustration vector overprint brewery beer

  18. Winnipeg Folk Fest 2018 tubes folk festival banjo dragonfly

  19. Sloss Festival 2k17 alabama birmingham sloss sloss festival festival gig poster illustration

  20. Outside Lands 2016 Festival Branding outside lands san francisco nathan goldman dan kuhlken logo branding city badge patch vector dkng

  21. Foreztival festival music print poster illustration

Row 1:
Kylie Sky Souza for Laxalt & McIver,
Brian Steely,
Kendrick Kidd.
Row 2:
Clay Halling,
Aren Vandenburgh,
Paul Dunbar.
Row 3:
Eric Thomas for UnderStory,
Aren Vandenburgh.
Row 4:
Binh Cao for Laxalt & McIver,
Kylie Sky Souza for Laxalt & McIver,
Himanshu Sharma.
Row 5:
Pavlov Visuals,
Scott Fuller.
Row 6:
Melisa Ferreira,
Matt Erickson,
Brian Steely.
Row 7:
Half & Half,
Jean Mosambi.

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