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Image Vectoriser  

Not everyone understands the concept of the software that vectorizes images. Moreover, it is not clear to most users why the graphical content should be vectorized. The fact is that there are two types of images — raster and vector ones. The first category of pictures is not very flexible because the quality of their resolution becomes poor when it comes to resizing processes. At the same time, vector images are notable with their flexibility and do not depend on the entry dimensions. They are perfect for an icon, logo creation, and other designing solutions.

That is why modern webmasters require high-grade software to vectorize images. There are many programs nowadays on the market. Most image converter providers offer several packages of their online services that include freeware versions and Pro suits with fee-paying options. We are glad to perform one of the latest image vectoriser that is available free-of-charge for all the Internet surfers. It is a stand-alone tool without extra useless options that turns any raster files into the qualitative vector image.

Online Image Vectoriser — Advantages to Take into Account

No hidden fees and the fastest vectorising speed are the most notable features of this program. In comparison with one of the most popular vectorisers named Vextractor, the interface is very intuitive and does not require some additional instructions and guides for better navigation. There are several modes of action that make the process well-understandable from the first try. Users can count on the well-thought concept with action buttons, mode descriptions, and fast editing.

Let’s take a closer look at the technical characteristics and other peculiarities of the new-generation image vectoriser. Minimalistic style and intuitive interface are not the only features to mention. It is worth comparing all the available options and parameters with other programs to see the difference clearly.  

Image Vectoriser: Notable Features & Other Characteristics

It is worth noting that the vectoriser does not require any downloads. In comparison with other installable tools of high demand such as Inkscape, BoxySVG, or Vector Magic. It means that images can be edited and turned into vector ones in several clicks on the website. It is very convenient because there are no compliances to follow and standards to check. Users should not search for the version that fits only Windows 10 or Android-based pocket screens like in WinTopo with its three packages at a time and numerous warnings.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to mention some kind of guide for newcomers and people who want to try the image vectoriser for the first time. It is necessary to describe various accessible modes of vectorising and the process of the new vector picture saving.  

Guide for Image Vectoriser Newbies — Process Description

  1. Open the site with the free image vectoriser.
  2. Find a rectangular-shaped command window “Drop file here”.
  3. Tick the command window and select a suitable file in the menu.
  4. Note that the program will suggest you drop some graphical files from your PC.
  5. Tick “Open” having chosen a raster file to turn into a vector.
  6. Select an appropriate option from the list (Curvy, Smoothed, Detailed, etc.).
  7. Wait for several seconds and tick the button “Download”.

The program will inform you about the vector image size. You need only to submit the action. Open your already-vectorized file and stay pleased with the final result!

To Sum Up: The Final Words on the Image vectoriser

Webmasters and designers often ask Google and other search engines the same question: “What are the best tools to vectorize images?”. There is only one proper answer for this request. This image vectoriser includes all the strong points and exceptional characteristics of the top-ranking programs, but the simplicity of use is saved at the same time. No complicated options to learn about before the first session on the vector graphics starts.

If you are searching for the high-level design software which vectorizes files quickly and qualitatively, you have just found your perfect solution. The only command window for converting procedures and a small range of modes to create a vector picture. The team of developers aimed to make the image vectoring process as easy as possible for any average Internet surfer. Nevertheless, this is a professional tool for designers and other IT specialists because this image vectoriser allows webmasters to create high-grade icons, banners, logos, and other graphical content.