Shop small: 10 awesome merch shops owned by graphic designers

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Looking for some awesome new merch to rock? Instead of scouring Amazon, support your graphic design community by shopping small and buying some thoughtfully designed custom products.

Today, we’re sharing a handful of online shops owned by graphic designers and illustrators in the Dribbble community! Along with being amazing designers, these folks have poured tons of time and effort into creating stunning goods inspired by their personalities, passions, and interests. Check out their merch and pick up a print, enamel pin, t-shirt, or whatever catches your eye while you’re at it!

1. Bad Utility

Why we love it: Travis Pietsch’s store screams jungle-vibes, and we are here for it. You can find tons of high-quality goods like blankets, leather koozies, bandanas, and even a skate deck. Travis’ hand-crafted style shines through his products and we can’t wait to see what merch he adds next!

  1. Rose Bandanna

  2. Sticker Pack

  3. Enamel Mug Design

2. Joanna Behar

Why we love it: Joanna Behar is a boss for many reasons. Her online shop started as a passion project which she was able to successfully turn into a full-time job! (You can read her story here). Joanna’s humor is sprinkled across all of her products and we’re huge fans of her holographic, rainbow-inspired color schemes.

  1. Get Lost

  2. Oh Shit

  3. This Blows

3. Hoff Goods

Why we love it: Haleigh’s shop is full of stickers and apparel inspired by her resident state of Nevada. As a designer based in Reno, she’s got tons of fun and colorful merch dedicated to the city of Reno and it’s surrounding areas—including Lake Tahoe!


  2. Lake Tahoe Stickers

  3. Deso x Hoff Tahoe Hat

4. Prickly Pear Paper

Why we love it: Prickly Pear Paper is a custom design studio and shop run by husband and wife duo Mark and Lauren Johnston. We are all about the desert vibes their products are inspired by. Check out their online shop (or retail location if you’re in Arizona!) and pick up some beautiful prints, notebooks, totes and more.

  1. Cactus Country Tote

  2. Cactus Country Pennant

  3. Stickers!

5. Niniwanted

Why we love it: Designer and illustrator Jenny Lelong just launched her new online shop where she sells prints and stickers of her Japanese inspired illustrations! You can snag these Japanese store-fronts and packaging illustrations below in her shop now.

  1. Tea Shop

  2. Kappa Tea

  3. Ice Cream Shop

6. Eiman Design Co.

Why we love it: If you’re a lover of the great outdoors, check out Alex Eiman’s huge collection of National Park stickers, postcards, and calendars. Start collecting your favorites and get even more inspired to get outside and explore the beauty our National Parks have to offer!

  1. Canyonlands National Park Sticker

  2. New National Park Sticker

  3. Sequoia National Park Tree

7. Whit And Co.

Why we love it: Hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Whitney Anderson is loud and proud when it comes to her Midwest roots. Her online shop is filled with goodies, including an Art Print Subscription that delivers you fresh new prints every month!

  1. Pin Backer

  2. Print Subscription Edition 001

  3. Pin Card

8. Super Team Deluxe

Why we love it: If you’re a fan of design puns, video games, or internet humor in general, go check out Super Team Deluxe—an online shop run by design legends Rogie King and Justin Mezzel. They refer to it as a ‘collaborative funhouse’ and we can see why!

  1. Internet Dad Hat

  2. Final File

  3. STD: Pen Tool (Antique Variant)

9. Spoon & Spear

Why we love it: Spoon & Spear is a collaborative project by Rachel Spoon & Mandy Spear, who describe their products as “thoughtfully designed outfittings for the journey.” If you’re a fan of adventure, travel, or being outdoors, you’re sure to fall in love with their stunning merch.

  1. Scenic Route Mug

  2. Wild Ride Matchboxes

  3. Room to Roam Pennant

10. Advencher Supply Co.

Why we love it: Last but certainly not least—Did you know Dribbble’s very own Co-Founder Dan Cederholm started a passion project turned online shop? Advencher Supply Co. is all about making goods that are both beautiful and useful. We especially love that 5% of profits are donated to organizations that help kids in need, or support our environment.

  1. Find North Pin

  2. Advenkerchief

  3. Leave No Trace Pin

While we only scratched the surface of amazing shops run by designers in our community, we encourage you to get on Dribbble and find some favorites of your own! If you’re interested in making and selling your own products, be sure to check out the articles suggested below to get some inspiration and learn how to get started.

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