Seek, Find, Design: Introducing Dribbble’s New Designer Search

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Designers, one of our favorite things here at Dribbble HQ is being able to connect members of our talented community with the creative jobs that let them do what they love for a living.

On the other side of that equation, we also take pride in helping hiring managers seamlessly find the talent they’re searching for. The Dribbble team’s always working hard to make that experience more efficient and fruitful—today we’ve rolled out an update that helps employers easily find, engage, and hire designers they’re looking to bring on board.

A better way to find designers

Kicking things off, our hiring dashboard has been completely reimagined, in order to make your hiring decisions as efficient and painless as possible. We’ve listened to feedback from hiring managers in our community, and we’ve completely rewritten an improved search algorithm that helps quickly surface the best candidate matches across Dribbble.

Our refreshed designer cards now showcase candidates’ most relevant portfolio work related to your search query, providing much-improved access to actionable overviews of talented designers, right at your fingertips. From portfolio work to previous work history, we give you the full perspective of each designer’s experience, style, and focus, making it easy to match those in the Dribbble community with the work opportunities you have to offer.

Our hiring dashboard has been completely reimagined to make your hiring decisions as efficient and painless as possible.

With the ability to search Dribbble for freelancers or agencies to take on individual projects, or designers to fill an open full-time role, our revamped search dashboard now lets you more easily find designers with the relevant experience and skillsets you’re seeking. In order to further help you hone candidate lists, we’ve also brought back our rate and salary filters to help you speed up your search.


With remote work being a crucial cornerstone in light of current events, we’ve also improved our location filtering too. Hiring managers can now more easily locate remote candidates who are within a specific geographic region—a big boon if you’re looking to build a team within similar time zones.

 If you’re reading this as a designer who’s looking for work, this is a friendly reminder to make sure your Dribbble work availability is up-to-date. All you have to do is look for your work availability icon in the main nav when you’re logged in.

Even if you’re not enlisting new design talent this exact moment, our overhauled Designer Search still lets you get ahead of your future hiring needs. If you know you have upcoming roles to fill in the coming weeks or months, our new hiring dashboard bookmarks let you proactively keep tabs on designers who catch your eye—making it easy to follow up when the time’s right to fill an open job.

Similarly, we’ve tweaked our designer messaging capabilities in Designer Search too—in addition to communications being stored in your inbox, messages also are nested within the specific projects or roles they pertain to, making it much easier for you to keep track and reference conversations as you look to hire.


So where can you take a look at all these awesome new features? As part of our update, is now your one-stop-shop for hiring on Dribbble. Unlike our previous iteration of search, we’re now giving you a limited preview of all the new bells and whistles Designer Search has to offer. You can now try-before-you-buy, so be sure to take the new features for a spin and see how easy it is to find the perfect designer matches for your projects or full-time roles.

We’re also switching up where you’ll find our popular designer leaderboard. Going forward, is the new home for featured designers. We hope you’ll be excited to know that we’re queuing up a slate of new features which will allow us to shine a spotlight on even more talented designers in the community. Keep an eye out for those coming soon!

Try Designer Search for 25% off

We hope you’re as fired-up about these updates as we are—we think they’ll help make the process of hiring great designers for growing teams that much easier. And, heck, let’s sweeten the deal too: for a limited time, we’re offering 25% off our updated Designer Search for both our monthly and quarterly plans.

This is a great way to put our new features to use and score a great deal, especially if you’re eyeing to get a jump start on your end-of-year hiring. Give it a try—happy designing and hiring, Dribbblers!

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