New Year, New Podcast: Dribbble Relaunches Overtime!

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Listen up, design friends! We’re beyond excited to announce the relaunch of Dribbble’s Overtime Podcast—a brand new weekly podcast that explores the most interesting design news and gives you the tips you need to create your best work. The first episode is out TODAY, and we couldn’t be more excited.

So, what can you expect from the new Overtime podcast? First things first—we’re thrilled to introduce our gooood friend Meg Lewis as our official new host! Meg joins us today to share a little bit more about herself and give us a sneak peek of what’s in store for Overtime moving forward. Get your ears ready!

Who’s our new host?

Hi buddies! Meg here. I’m an award-losing designer making the world a happier place through books, talks, writing, spaces, pop-ups, podcasts, workshops, and videos.

I’ve been a freelancer for ten years working with brands big and small to create friendly, personable visual experiences with an emphasis on clean, expressive type and bold colors. I love combining comedy with my design brain to create businesses, projects, and offerings that turn traditionally boring subjects into fun, impactful experiences. I empower individuals to discover their unique selves through books, video series, workshops, and talks titled Full Time You. I also founded Ghostly Ferns, an international collective of designers and commercial artists and Fool Proof, a shared workspace for creativity and collaboration.

I’m a lover of chain restaurants, clowns, and am a sucker for anyone who can yodel. My favorite activity is floating on an inner tube in the sun with a cold drink in my hand. Or what I did yesterday: going to the Mall of America and riding a rollercoaster by myself followed by a solo trip to the Rainforest Cafe bar. Dippin’ Dots for dessert.

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  2. Card Game Pattern

  3. Puzzle Peek!

Overtime, it’s relaunched! What can we expect?

We want Overtime to be able to slide into your day so you don’t have to carve out special time to listen. The short, bite-sized episodes are perfect for listening while getting ready for the day, commuting to work, or even while you’re waiting for the pharmacy to have your prescription ready even though they said it would only take five minutes.

Each episode is a fast-paced look at current design events and a deeper dive into a special topic or two. I’ll even have special guests and co-hosts occasionally pop by to share their knowledge on their favorite subjects!

Why Overtime? Why Dribbble?

As an active member of Dribbble and freelancer for years, I’ve relied on the Dribbble community for support and friendships. Heck, Dribbble has delivered me some of the best client opportunities I’ve had throughout my career! The notoriously supportive and encouraging Dribbble community has been my lifeline for bettering my own work and allowing everyone to follow along as I grow and find my own voice and style. It’s been a gas to be a part of this community and I really love bopping back to my earlier work to see how I’ve found my place in the design world over the years.

I’m looking forward to being openly curious and grow alongside the community during my time as the host.

I was jazzed about becoming the host of Overtime because I think I can deliver the episodes in a way that not many can. I’m notorious for my inability to take anything too seriously and I strive to see all sides when discussing issues. I’m looking forward to being openly curious and grow alongside the community during my time as the host. If you’re looking for hot takes and anger you’ve found the wrong person—my takes are tepid at most!

How to tune in

The first episode of the new Overtime podcast is out now! Find it on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you find your podcasts. You can download the episodes via Simplecast or right from the Overtime page. Don’t forget to subscribe and tune in every Wednesday to stay ahead of the game!

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