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We’re looking for articles and insights from our diverse community of creatives. If you have a story to share, we’d like to hear it. Here’s everything you need to know about submitting an article to be featured on Dribbble’s design blog, Courtside.

What is Dribbble Courtside?

Courtside is our community-focused blog that aims to share valuable content for the designer community at large. Our readers consist of a diverse group of creatives ranging from product designers, graphic designers, illustrators, motion designers, and inspiration seekers alike. With hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors, Dribbble’s design blog has become a destination for designers of all trades to learn, share, and get inspired.

We urge underrepresented designers to submit articles for consideration for us to share with the entire Dribbble community. We want to hear your stories.

We want to use our blog as an open platform to encourage a multitude of creative voices to step up to the microphone and share their story, insights, and talent. Design, as an industry, unfortunately still has much work to do in addressing its lack of diversity. An abundance of perspectives are needed to grow a healthy, vibrant community. With that being said, we urge underrepresented designers to submit articles for consideration for us to share with the entire Dribbble community. We want to hear your stories.

As a contributor, you can expect your profile and article to be featured on our blog, Dribbble’s social media channels, and our email newsletter.

What type of content does Dribbble publish?

Dribbble’s content focuses on sharing actionable tips and takeaways that revolve around the themes below (along with a few article examples):

📚 Design education & skill-building:

💼 Career advancement & getting hired:

✨ Design inspiration & Fostering creativity:

🛠️ Tool & resource roundups:

Illustration: Inspiration art illustration

How do I submit an article?

  • Email your story to via Google Docs, Dropbox Paper, or Word Doc.
  • Include a short description of what your article is about in the email body.
  • Attach any imagery in a .zip folder (optional)
  • Include links to your Twitter & Instagram accounts so we can tag you when we share!
  • Please avoid any overly promotional/affiliate-like content

If your article is approved, you’ll be notified via email within 10 business days. We will also provide any suggested edits and/or a preview of the formatted post along with an expected publication date.

Please note the article’s title and cover image will be selected by Dribbble to match our editorial style guide.

Guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Word count: Minimum of 800 words
  • Links: Include up to 1 personal/professional link within the article copy
  • Imagery: (Not required) Must be landscape orientation & minimum of 1200px wide
  • Byline/bio: 50 words max + 1 follow link of your choice (typically your website or social network)

Can I republish my content somewhere else?

A contributed post may be re-published to another site only 2 weeks after Dribbble’s publish date—so long as it is linked back to the original article on Dribbble using the following copy:

“This article was originally published on Dribbble.”

If you’d like to re-publish your post on another website, please share the details beforehand to secure approval!

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