Hometown Pride: Stunning stickers inspired by cities across the globe

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Our first-ever Weekly Warm-Up design exercise is a wrap! We were absolutely thrilled to see that more than 600 of you participated and shared your awesome designs with the community. This first week’s exercise challenged you to design a sticker celebrating your hometown, using only two colors.

We thought we’d highlight some of the stunning designs our global community cooked up. Have a look and get inspired to get in on our next Weekly Warm-Up exercise kicking off this week!

Bold badges

It’s no surprise badges were abundant in this week’s exercise. Designers got creative with all kinds of different shapes, sizes, and styles. Some kept it simple while others played with texture, text, and subtle details.

  1. Weekly Warmup - Two Color Sticker

  2. Hometown Los Angeles

  3. Wichita Sticky

  4. Queens NYC

  5. Portland, OR - Warmup #1

  6. warmup No 1.

Row 1:
Andrea Giunta,
Christian Schulz,
Meghan Wolfe.
Row 2:
Christina Young,
Sophie Bailey,
Stacey Chapman.

Terrific typography

Our typography enthusiasts did not disappoint! A handful of designers leaned on custom type and lettering for their hometown-inspired stickers. Whether it was stand-alone text or type accompanied by a graphic, these stickers were especially eye-catching.

  1. Kansas City Lasso

  2. Weekly Warm-Up -Cracow

  3. Climb Scenic City (Chattanooga, TN)

  4. Weekly Warm-Up 01 -  Hometown Sticker

  5. Palanga

  6. Manhattan

Row 1:
Chris Russell,
Łukasz Szewczyk,
Jordan Thomas.
Row 2:
Cayla Egan,
Laura Dirzyte,
Maximillian Piras.

Classic circle

Who doesn’t love a classic circular sticker? These designers worked with the familiar sticker shape and depicted famous landmarks or nature scenes from their respective hometowns.

  1. Weekly Warm-Up No. 1 - Hometown Sticker

  2. Tacloban

  3. ♥ Ithaca, NY sticker ♥

  4. Ottawa sticker

  5. Dribbble Weekly-WarmUp MTL sticker

  6. Arizona

Row 1:
Adam Navarro,
Lauren X Lee.
Row 2:
Filippo Di Trapani,
Camille Pilon,
Megan Wood.

Mesmerizing monoline

Monoline was an incredibly popular style in this week’s design exercise! Tons of you dabbled in intricate and bold line work to represent aspects of your hometown. Feast your eyes on a few impressive examples:

  1. Weekly Dribbble - Sticker

  2. Greetings from Tirana 🇦🇱

  3. Riverside, CA Sticker

  4. Hometown: Las Vegas, NV sticker

  5. Rishikesh City

  6. Békéscsaba

Row 1:
Kristi Çunga,
Jordan Daniel Singer.
Row 2:
Savannah Sturm,
Akash Yadav,
Andrea Kacsor.

Thank you so much to everyone of you who participated in our inaugural design exercise! Now, don’t miss out on this week’s brand new challenge — Design a business card for a superhero (or villain), using no more than two typefaces!

For more information about what our Weekly Warm-Up is all about, check out our official announcement. We hope you’ll join in on the fun, and get a chance to flex those creative muscles!

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