Here are the 5 most in-demand designer disciplines right now

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Can you guess which design disciplines are in high demand these days? We recently surveyed over 17K designers and design teams in our Global Design Survey to better understand the job growth of different designer roles in today’s landscape. We wanted to find out, which types of design jobs are companies most likely to hire for next?

Below you’ll find the top five roles that global design teams identified as looking to onboard this year. Use this information to help you to better understand the demographics of design and where the industry is headed in the near future. Maybe you’ll be inspired to level up your design career by learning new skills in a coveted field, or sharpen up your existing skillsets to shine even brighter in the hiring pool. Let’s jump in!

5. Motion Designer

It’s no surprise that motion designers are in high demand—animation has become an incredibly desirable skillset, identified by designers as the top skill they want to learn in the next few years to advance in their careers.

The good news is, whatever design skill you specialize in, motion design can be applied to nearly all types of design—from web interactions, UI animations, to bringing static illustrations or branding to life. Multimedia artists are in high demand, and we only expect the need for this role to continue growing.


4. Illustrator

Gone are the days where illustration could only be found in print. With the growing digital age, illustration has slowly begun to expand into product design, as big and small brands start to understand the value custom illustration can bring to their business. As more tech giants begin to embrace this form of art, we’re seeing illustration become a defining piece of many brand identities, and in turn, influencing other brands to get in on the action.

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3. UX Designer

UX design—once a buzzword is now an incredibly competitive field of design. User experience designers are at the heart of the customer experience, and companies are seriously investing in these roles (with good reason). Without careful consideration of a product’s UX, you may just risk losing a ton of business. It’s safe to say, the need for UX designers isn’t going away anytime soon.


2. Graphic Designer

Graphic design is still going strong. According to our data, it’s is the second most desired design skill that teams are currently looking to hire for. Strong visual communication is needed now more than ever for brands in the tech space whether it be for social media, marketing collateral, print, or brand identity work. If you’re an Adobe Photoshop wizard, know that you’re a coveted candidate to hire, and creative directors are seeking you out!

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1. Product Designer

The most coveted role that design teams are currently looking to hire for are product designers. Brands understand now more than ever how the success of their business is strongly correlated to the quality of their product design. Hiring great product designers is an intelligent, strategic investment, and this strongly resonates across all types of businesses.

Our Global Design Survey data also indicates that product designers are the most likely to be employed in-house rather than remote—typically working cross-functionally with many internal teams. So, if you’re looking to dip your toe into product design, know that you will not only expected to have a great eye for design, but also possess advanced communication and problem-solving skills.

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We hope this information gives you a better understanding of where design teams are looking to invest in moving into 2020. Didn’t see your design discipline on the list? To see how other designer roles stack up against the rest, (i.e. Art Director, Web Designer, Brand Designer, etc.), download our Global Design Survey PDF and study up on what roles design organizations are looking to hire in the near future.

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