Gorgeous Gradients: A curated collection of dreamy color transitions

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While gradients aren’t anything new in graphic design, they sure have evolved over the years in their application. Designers continue to find creative, innovative ways to apply gradients into their work, and today we’re highlighting some exceptional examples to get you inspired. From branding, to web design, packaging design, typography, and more—prepare to get lost in these smooth and dreamy color transitions

Inspired to create your own gorgeous gradients? Here are 5 ways to get creative with gradients in graphic design

  1. Please please type script blue red texture gradient

  2. Evolum chakras emotion festive minimal growth colorfull brand meditation flow evolution logo design identity branding logo

  3. Minimalist Magic minimalist magic warped gradient design cbd type typography quote

  4. UENA Diversity Shapes blm diversity yellow pink shapes gradient colors colours

  5. Farewell CBD typography cbd gradient design branding packaging

  6. Five Years color texture bursts simple pink blue orange gradient

  7. Color blur design foil oil blur blending brights gradient color identity branding

  8. Datalands Site information illustration art data data viz dataviz infographic creative design datalands

  9. flow art abstract color illustration design minimal

  10. Organic Theme eye gradient shapes abstract illustration

  11. 🔮 design bold shapes illustration yellow blue pink shape texture

  12. Insoft – Careers page web design web page webdesign job board portfolio jobs career page job careers career accordion web

  13. Gradation 04 color mixing flat noise sky blur gradient color gradient identity branding

  14. Thank You MBB! intern gradient summer thank you

Row 1:
Jacob Etter,
Ryn Davis.
Row 2:
Tom Parkes,
Greg Anthony Thomas for Helms Workshop™,
Jacob Etter.
Row 3:
Ryan Hammond for Herefor,
Script & Seal,
Grace Ho.
Row 4:
Ryan Putnam,
Cory Uehara,
Valery Pevnev for Insoft.
Row 5:
Ryan Hammond,
Kristian Hay for ZAK,
Hannah Wexler.

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