Get in the spooky spirit with these scary good designs—Peek if you dare!

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You’ve probably noticed that once October rolls around, Dribbble gets a whole lot spookier. Designers far and wide embraced their dark side this month and shared some fantastically frightening design and illustration work. Today, we’re giving you a glimpse into it all and showcasing our community’s spooktacular Shots!

Can’t get enough of the horror? Find more eerie artwork by checking out our most recent Weekly Warm-Up where we tasked designers with the devilish chore of scaring the socks off of the Dribbble community by designing something eminently spooky! So, peek if you dare and Happy Halloween Dribbble!

Monster Mashup

  1. INKTOMB #007

  2. Zombie

  3. Bride of Frankenstein

  4. Vincent Price


  6. Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice

  7. Frank

  8. The Mummy & Werewolf Campy Creatures Prints

  9. Detective

Row 1:
Eduardo Souzacampus,
Victor Sukhochev,
travis knight.
Row 2:
Derric Wise,
Eight Hour Day.
Row 3:
Alex Sheyn,
Emrich Office,
Sasha Kolesnik.

Dark Dwellings

  1. House of Jack Skellington

  2. Dracula's Castle

  3. Halloween Autumn Cabin

  4. Witch's Hut

  5. Rustic Cabin illustration

  6. Taking a peak

  7. October (#2)

  8. Gloomy house

Row 1:
Roman Klčo,
Aldo Crusher,
Mohamed Chahin.
Row 2:
Roman Klčo,
Dan Lehman,
Zach Kastrukoff.
Row 3:
Alex Pasquarella for Canopy,
motion Bogdan,
Dmitriy Nushtaev.

Petrifying Pumpkins

  1. Happy Halloween!

  2. Halloween pattern

  3. Booo!

  4. Halloween Illustration

  5. Pumpkin

  6. Getting Ready! 🎃🎩💀

  7. Pump Kings!

  8. Jack

Row 1:
Gwen ,
Davide Baratta for Impero.
Row 2:
Alex Kalinichenko for Shakuro,
Oscar Moctezuma,
Row 3:
Mario Jacome,
Itamar Cohen(illustratov),
Adam Koon.

Terrifying Type

  1. "SCREAM" Horror typographic series

  2. Boo!

  3. Boo Lettering! 👻🦇

  4. Vampire

  5. Ouija board

  6. Trick or Treat

  7. Creepy

  8. Spooky Weekly Warm-up #9

  9. P1_Horror

Row 1:
Keith Vlahakis,
Loren Klein,
Roger Roque ID.
Row 2:
Jonathan Ball,
Katie Daugherty,
Ashley Dugan.
Row 3:
Beetroot Graphics,
Larry Fulcher,
Adam Muntz.

Ghostly Greetings

  1. Inktober 20

  2. halloween

  3. Spooky Season 👻

  4. Day 19: Haunted Forest

  5. Inktober / 22 - Ghost

  6. 22/30 vectober - ghost

  7. Spooky Ghosts

  8. a ghostie

  9. Ghost

Row 1:
Arthur Chayka,
Vitaliy Sokovikov,
Roger Roque ID.
Row 2:
Salmorejo Studio,
Viktor Kern,
Meagan Fraser.
Row 3:
Kristen McGriff,
Tamara Arkatova.

Pick Your Poison

  1. Trunk Treats

  2. Illustration

  3. Candy #Inktober 5/31

  4. Halloween Dinner

  5. Vectober 21 - Treasure

  6. Spooky but Cute

  7. Dining With A Vampire

  8. Poison Bubbles

  9. Ginger Dead Man

Row 1:
Jay Walter,
Kendrick Kidd,
Row 2:
Raphael Lopes,
Alaina Johnson,
Florine Le Richon.
Row 3:
Defaced ,
Victor Garcia,
Gabby DaRienzo.

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