Fresh From Dribbble: Inauthentic Engagement Detection

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Our mission at Dribbble has always been to help make designers successful. This comes in many forms, from providing a place for the community to network and grow, to fostering acknowledgment and recognition, to helping designers around the globe find their next great work opportunity.

For the past 10 years, Dribbble has grown, almost exclusively, because of you. By posting your work, inviting friends, or simply appreciating the amazing work posted on the platform daily, you have helped Dribbble evolve into the community it is today.

Because of your enthusiasm, the Popular Page on Dribbble is a sought-after destination for designers around the globe. We want as many designers as possible to have this experience—the opportunity to have their work seen and appreciated by their peers, their industry, and their potential employers.

Recently, we took the initiative to give even more real estate to popular work on the platform by adding categories to our Shot results. These categories make it easier for designers to get discovered and give us a chance to feature even more of the community’s incredible work. Since these categories were launched, the playing field has been leveled. We’ve seen an increase in designers with burgeoning audiences grace the Popular Page, now, more than ever.

A rise in inauthentic engagement

While these are big steps forward for creating more exposure for designers, we’ve also seen a proliferation of inauthentic engagement—trying to cheat to gain exposure. This behavior robs honest members of our community the opportunity to share their work with the world and robs our community the opportunity to promote their best work each day.

So, what are we doing about this?

We’re taking a big step forward to prevent this type of behavior on Dribbble. We want Dribbble to be known as a community that is open and honest. The best work should rise to the top because you, the Dribbble community, show your appreciation for it.

We’re rolling out new functionality to better detect inauthentic engagement on the platform, from manual like-rings, follow bots, and other automation exploits that try to game the Popular feed. This type of abuse is counterproductive to building an inclusive and welcoming community.

We can’t wait to see what you design next, and for the most recent inspiration, head over to our Popular Page to see what’s, authentically, trending.

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