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As you might remember from our update earlier in the year, we rolled out Boosted Shots as a way to open up Dribbble to sponsors of any size—including individual Dribbble Teams and Players like yourself looking to get more eyeballs on your awesome work.

Well, not only have we made some exciting updates expanding the visibility of Boosted Shots, but we’re also pleased as punch to announce that we’re offering Dribbblers a chance to try out the new features and save 50% for a limited time. That’s half off, friends!

So what’s new?

Previously displayed only on individual Shot pages, we’re now adding Boosted Shots to relevant search queries on Dribbble. So, if you’re looking to boost one of your Shots related to, say, logo design—your Boosted Shot will now be served as an unobtrusive addition to logo-related search results right on Dribbble. The contextualization means your Boosted Shots will be more relevant to the Dribbblers who encounter them—meaning you’re not just getting more eyeballs on your work, you’re getting the right eyeballs.

Your Boosted Shots will be more relevant to the Dribbblers who encounter them.

Now, for the casual Dribbbler, don’t worry—we’re making sure our new Boosted Shots functionality isn’t obnoxious or over-the-top for folks scrolling their feed. We’re diligent in making sure that the Dribbble experience you know and love isn’t disrupted as we make Boosted Shots available to the community.

Why Boosted Shots?

Okay, let’s rewind slightly. Traditionally, advertising on Dribbble—and many, many other online platforms you encounter—has only been accessible to big names with the extra cash and workforce to invest into marketing campaigns. The little guy was shut out, plain and simple.

With Boosted Shots, we want to open up that barrier by creating an easy, affordable way for all members of the Dribbble community to shine an extra bright spotlight on their work should they want to. No hoops to jump through, no red tape to fight against, no breaking the bank, no account manager breathing down your neck. You’re in charge.


What can I use Boosted Shots for?

What might you use Boosted Shots for, exactly? Well, the good news is that the use-cases are as endless and your designer imaginations

Maybe you and your team have just launched a new project and you want to send viewers directly to its new landing page. Or, perhaps you’ve opened up your own agency—or are newly available for freelancing—and you want to make a splash with an announcement. Heck, maybe you’re dropping an awesome piece of merch into the world and want to give Dribbblers first dibs on buying.

Boosted Shots are a perfect way to get some extra attention on your Dribbble posts—no matter the project or cause.

You can have your Boosted Shot link to the Shot itself on Dribbble, your Dribbble profile, or even a custom URL of your choice. Boosted Shots are a perfect way to get some extra attention on your Dribbble posts—no matter the project or cause.

Try Boosted Shots for 50% off

So, in the spirit of giving all community members the chance to holler from the rooftops about a special design, project, or product they’re bringing into the world—we’re offering all Dribbblers 50% off the cost of Boosted Shots for a limited time.

We want you to try this new feature out and put Boosted Shots through its paces. Plus, the good news is that it’s super simple to set up and get rolling.

How to Boost Your Shot


You can get started from any Boosted Shot CTA you come across on Dribbble, or simply keep an eye out for the “Boost Shot” link on any of your own Dribbble Shot pages.

From there you’ll be guided, step by step: you can author your Boosted Shot description, select relevant tags and CTA button text, as well as tell us where your Boosted Shot link should send people. Then simply pick the number of impressions you’d like to purchase—with options from 1,000 to a quarter-million—confirm your payment details, and then you’re good to go. Your work will now be displayed as an unobtrusive Boosted Shot right within the Dribbble search results pertinent to its tags. Easy peasy!

Shine a brighter spotlight on your work

Again, now’s your chance to try out your very own Boosted Shots while saving a boatload of cash—you can save 50% off until the end of September. Give your awesome work on Dribbble just a little more love—try Boosted Shots and give our creative community an extra-loud shout about what you’re working on. Happy designing, Dribbblers!

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