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Designed by Paul Renner and created in 1927, Futura is simply a geometric sans-serif typeface. It has been made absolutely like a reference to the New Frankfurt-project. It can mostly be focused on geometric forms, particularly the circle, which is spiritually similar to the time period style of the Bauhaus.

Futura looks like productivity and forward-looking. While not being affiliated with the Bauhaus, Renner shared many of his idioms and insisted that a new typeface must reflect current designs rather than a reproduction of a previous format.

Futura font free download

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1Futura Extra Black BTFutura Extra BlackDownload
2Futura Bold Condensed BTDownload
3Futura Bold Italic BTFutura Bold Italic BTDownload
4Futura Heavy BTDownload
5Futura Heavy Italic BTDownload
6Futura Book BTFutura Book BTDownload
7Futura Book Italic BTFutura Book Italic BTDownload
8Futura Medium BTFutura Medium BTDownload
9Futura Medium Condensed BTFutura Medium Condensed BTDownload
10Futura Medium Italic BTFutura Medium Italic BTDownload
11Futura Light BTFutura Light BTDownload
12Futura Light Italic BTFutura Light Italic BTDownload

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The design of Renner rejected the approach of most of the previous sans-serif designs (now often referred to as grotesques) based primarily on sign painting models, condensed lettering and serif typefaces of the nineteenth century, in favour of simple geometric shapes: near-perfect circles, triangles and squares.

It is based on near-even weight strokes, which in contrast are low. The lowercase has high ascenders that rise above the cap line and uses near-circular, single-storey types of “a” and “g,” the latter more widely used in handwriting than in printed text.

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The upper case characters have similar proportions to those of the Roman classical capitals. The original metal style demonstrated significant adjustment from model to individual sizes, and various companies introduced many divergent digitizations.

Bauer and his American distribution arm have widely promoted Futura by brochure as reflecting the spirit of modernity, using the German slogan “die Schrift unserer Zeit” (“the typeface of our time”) and “the typeface of today and tomorrow” in English. Since then it has remained popular.

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