Fall In Love With Marly Gallardo – the illustrator who is changing the world

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Marly Gallardo is a New York-based Ecuadorian illustrator. She has a B.A. from the Rhode Island School of Design and international recognition for her conceptual art. Her publications have been published in campaigns and published for customers like The New York Times, United Nations, Microsoft, Apple, Netflix, Adobe and more.

As an Ecuadorean American, it is difficult, but not impossible, to prioritize your personal career goals. Gallardo shared an episode of Creating space. She is also increasingly expanding on the competitive advantage that these cultural roots offer as she draws upon the South American culture of her family in the creation of her work, which she shares with her over 20,000 followers.

This hustle has helped her to build a career to which a lot of people aspire. The RISD grade shows that it has become famous in the design world to embrace her individual style rather than shy away from it.

Recently, RISD ordered Marly Gallardo 15 IL to display a poster sent throughout the country to high school art teachers. She created a brilliant representation of the “magic” and creative potential that she felt on the camper, inspired by her student experiences. This illustrator from Brooklyn talks about how the work has been produced and reflects on its path from anxious new grade to a wanted free-lance company.

Some of the famous clients of Marly Gallardo: IBM, Inc., Dow Jones, ESPN, Fortune, The Guardian, Adobe, Apple, Automattic. The United Nations, Variety, Washington Post, Warby Parker, Wired, Yahoo Magazine, Intel, Jon Batiste, Microsoft Metropolitan Magazine, MTV News, Rhode Island School of Design, T Brand Studio, MSM, MTV New York Times, Netflix.

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