Dribbble’s Top 10 Blog Posts of 2019

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Happy 2020 from the team at Dribbble! To kick off the new year, we’re sharing with you some of our top blog posts of 2019, so you can brush up on what your design peers enjoyed reading and learning last year. A huge thank you to all of the contributors who shared their insights with us and the design community at large. In no particular order, here were your very favorite pieces of content, published on the Dribbble blog in 2019:

10 podcasts for every kind of designer

We know that creative professionals are always on the hunt for new inspiring podcasts in their life. We rounded up a list of ten podcasts created for and by designers in all kinds of different design fields. Grab your headphones, your favorite beverage, sit back, and press play.

Top 4 critical skills for designers to learn in 2020

What are the most important skills designers identified as wanting to learn in the next few years to advance in their careers? In this blog post, we revealed the top four responses from our global design community and shared some resources to help you level-up in these areas.

5 design principles to building your first portfolio

Product Designer Alex Muench at Doist guides designers through the portfolio building process on the basis of five design principles. Read on to learn the dos and don’ts around crafting an effective design portfolio—whatever your design specialty is.

Tips for presenting your UI/UX designs to non-designers

In this post, designer Jess Eddy shared insight on how to present your product designs to non-designers, clients, or other stakeholders on your team. Learn how to successfully communicate your UI/UX designs so you walk away with useful, actionable feedback.

7 design prompt generators to inspire your next design project

We’ve all been there—struggling to come up with what to create. Check out seven design prompt generators that offer tons of creative briefs for every kind of designer. Perfect for whenever you’re feeling uninspired, looking to build your portfolio, or just want to flex those creative muscles.

Famous logos reimagined by another graphic designer

Do you ever look at a logo and think about how you would have designed it differently? In this article, ten designers did just that and their interpretations are definitely worth checking out. Here’s a handful of awesome hypothetical redesigns of some of the biggest brands of our time.

5 sneaky typography errors to avoid

Polished typography is no easy feat, but it can be accomplished by paying attention to a few important details. This educational post by our very own Community Manager and typographic wizard, Ryan Arruda, sheds some light on five common typography mistakes that might not even register to you as errors in your design process.

10 ways to develop your illustration style

Illustrator and teacher Tom Froese has thought a lot about style—from what it means to how to develop it. In this insightful blog post, Tom shared ten actionable steps to help creatives draw with more personality and define their own illustration style.

21 UX design interview questions & how to answer them

Our friend and Product Design Recruiter at Facebook, Carl Wheatley, shared his insight into the UX design interview process in this very helpful article. Get a sense of what kinds of questions to expect in a UX interview, and how to approach answering each one as best as possible.

7 useful chrome extensions for designers

If you’re looking to add some extra handy tools to your everyday workflow, check out this article. These seven Google chrome extensions were hand-picked specifically with designers in mind and will help with all kinds of things as you’re browsing the web like identifying fonts and color hex codes, designing for accessibility, and even testing responsive designs.

That’s a wrap! We genuinely hope you enjoyed reading through our blog last year. We’re only more excited to keep bringing you awesome content so you can keep learning, growing, and be inspired in your craft. If you have anything in particular you want to see more of on the blog in 2020, let us know! You can hit us up at stories@dribbble.com.

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