Design For Good: Join The Face Mask Challenge

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Hey Dribbblers! Our friends at Awesome Merch — experts in bringing custom designs to life — have something very exciting planned this week, and they need your creative chops! Help do some good and join the Design For Good: Face Mask Challenge.

What’s the challenge?

Awesome Merch wants you to design your very own face mask using a template you can find on the Official Playoff page. Submit your design and you’ll receive $35 Awesome Merch credit to have your design printed on a mask or any other piece of merch!

In addition, two designs from the challenge will be selected (1 judge-selected and 1 fan favorite) to be printed on over 1,000 protective supplies and donated into the hands of healthcare workers on the front lines through Masks for Docs.

About Masks For Docs

Masks For Docs is a grassroots organization with one goal: To get protective supplies into the hands of healthcare workers as quickly as possible. With over 5,000 volunteers, Masks For Docs has already delivered 100K masks throughout six continents of the world.

“We are volunteers from the tech, business, design and non-profit communities banding together from around the world to turn fear into hope. We believe in the power of community to make a difference for our healthcare workers across the world.”

How to participate

To join in the challenge and get your very own custom design printed, head on over to the Playoff Page where you’ll find official rules and guidelines and the design template required. Then, simply Rebound the Shot with a creative face mask design of your own creation.

The Playoff runs until Monday, May 25th at 11:59 PM EST. Earn and give Likes until then! Every participant will receive:

  • $35 Awesome Merch credit
  • Free sample pack through Awesome Merch

We can’t wait to see what you create!

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