Bold & Groovy: Exploring 70s inspired typography & lettering

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You may have noticed the seventies have been making quite the comeback in design—especially in the realm of type. An era that many would consider the “Golden Age of Typography” is making its way back into modern graphic design, and we are here for it.

Today, we’re exploring modern typography and lettering styles inspired by this disco-infused decade. We’re also sharing some helpful resources for graphic designers interested in dipping their toes in the nostalgic waters of seventies type. Let’s jump right in!

Common themes & attributes

When it comes to letterforms inspired the 70s, bold and groovy is the name of the game. Explore the Shots below to see how today’s designers are giving their work a retro aesthetic using seventies-inspired type. You’ll quickly notice a few defining characteristics:

  • Expressiveness over legibility
  • Dramatic ligatures and swashes
  • Letterforms with movement
  • Tight letterspacing
  • Bulbous letter shapes
  • Bold flourishes and embellishments
  • Letterforms that carry weight towards their baseline
  • Thick drop shadows
  1. John Boy

  2. Hell Yes: The Hoods at Dribbble Hangtime!

  3. Be Yourself

  4. 73

  5. 3, 2, 1, for Aria

  6. Foodfolk

  7. Boogie nights

  8. Gulley's lineup

  9. Camp Lettering

  10. Feel Cool

  11. Canciones

  12. Pub Club

Row 1:
Neil Hubert,
Amy Hood for Hoodzpah,
Row 2:
Matt Curley,
Clinton Lugert,
Drew Lakin.
Row 3:
Noelle Campbell,
Titus Smith,
Loren Klein.
Row 4:
Joe Hansen,
Dayan D’Aniello for Guerilla Suit,
Jordan Wilson.

Lettering resources:

Interested in creating your very own funkadelic letters? Whether you’re new at hand-lettering or a seasoned pro, the workbooks and resources below are great for practicing this style on paper or on your iPad. Check em out:

Fonts to download:

Ready to give your own design work a groovy look and feel? Below is a roundup of seventies inspired fonts created by Dribbblers that you can start using in your work now. Click on your favorite Shots to find the download and purchase links:

  1. Pin Pal Palooza 2018

  2. Aprila Font Family

  3. Saturday Night Font Family

  4. Glamour Sans Serif Font

  5. Frito Vandito: A Throwback Font (Available on Creative Market)

  6. The Beardy

Row 1:
Amy Hood for Hoodzpah,
Best Fonts,
Ricky Rinaldi.
Row 2:
Doug Penick,
Ricky Rinaldi.

More Typography Resources:

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