Beautiful weather app UI concepts we wish existed

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Who would have thought there could be so many creative ways to tell the temperature? Today’s daily dose of design inspiration is all about the weather. In this collection of UI designs, we’re sharing a handful of beautiful mobile weather app concepts that we wish existed in real life.

Weather apps are quite the popular interface theme for designers to explore. But don’t let these effortlessly clean designs fool you. When it comes to the weather, there’s a lot of data designers have to arrange which can be quite a challenge. Regardless, it’s a great way to practice your UI skills. We hope you enjoy the designs below! Which one would you want on your phone?

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  1. Weather App

  2. 01 / Weather App Concept

  3. Weather Concept Design

  4. Weather App Concept Design

  5. Weather App

  6. Weather Cards

  7. 🌦

  8. skeuomorphism weather app

  9. Daily UI Challenge #037 — Weather

  10. Sunny Cloudy Rain

  11. Weather App Concept

  12. Daily Ui Challenge 037 - Weather App

  13. Dribbble Daily UI #37 // Weather — 2

  14. Weather App Redesign

Row 1:
Sergey Gurov,
Damian Martelli,
Yuekun for 09UI.
Row 2:
Charles Postiaux,
Sencer B. Yılmaz,
Marko Stupic.
Row 3:
Yegor Meteor,
Eddie Lobanovskiy,
Row 4:
Iker Fernandez,
Alex Volk for Agilie Team.
Row 5:
Andrea Hock,
Neal Hampton,

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