9 epic logo designs inspired by famous fictional places

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If you had to create a brand identity for your favorite fictional location, what would it look like? Well, these graphic designers used their imagination to create beautiful logo designs that are literally out of this world. The logos below are all inspired by iconic locations of your favorite movies, TV shows, and books.

Fictional locations in respective order: Tatooine, Bikini Bottom, Emerald City, Winterfell, Hogwarts, Hyrule, The Shire, Neverland, and Pandora.

  1. Mos Eisley Concepts illustration flat concepts vintage logos logo badge brand branding bounty hunter mos eisley tatooine darth vader skywalker boba starwars

  2. Cartoon Rebrand | Bikini Bottom Logo tropical ocean nickelodeon flower spongebob typography type logo color cartoon branding brand

  3. Somewhere Over the Rainbow dkng vector icon oz tornado dan kuhlken nathan goldman wizard of oz hot air balloon poppy fields emerald city

  4. Winterfell gameofthrones stark house stark winterfell asoiaf got game of thrones

  5. Hogwarts Express stamp hogwarts vintage retro vectorart design illustrator graphicdesign digitalart digitaldesign vector illustration

  6. Passport to Hyrule – Warmup #10 type badges logo vector illustration dribbbleweeklywarmup badge design branding stamp rupees triforce sheikah passport hyrule legend of zelda

  7. Shire green door shadow illustration bag end hobbit hole hobbitton hobbits shire lord of the rings

  8. Neverland waltdisneyworld retro design illustration disney

  9. Pandora neon landscape disney patch avatar pandora

Row 1:
Defaced ,
Tyler Fortune,
Row 2:
Cat Coquillette,
Vision Globe Design,
Brendan Wray.
Row 3:
Alex Eiman,
Adam Grason,
Colin Mumbach.

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