5 personality quizzes to uncover your creative potential

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Who’s ready for some real creative introspection? We’ve rounded up a handful of fun personality tests every art & design lover is bound to enjoy. Get ready to unlock your creative capabilities as you explore what makes you and your work so unique.

1. What kind of designer are you?

For a deeper understanding of your strengths as a designer, take the What kind of designer are you?
 quiz. After answering a series of questions based on your personal preferences, you’ll be matched with one of 16 different designer personality types from The Prototyper, to The Brand Builder, and yes—you heard us correctly—The Party Animal.


2. The Creative Types Test

If you haven’t taken Adobe’s Creative Types
 test yet, you’re in for a treat! This beautifully designed quiz explores the many types of creative personalities to help you uncover your strengths and weaknesses. Answer 15 interactive questions to gain a better understanding of your motivations, natural talents, and where your biggest obstacles lie as a creative.


3. What type are you?

Presented by Pentagram, the What Type Are You
 quiz matches you with a famous typeface based on your answers to four simple questions. Enjoy learning a little bit of history about the typeface you were matched with and how it reflects the combination of your answers.

Heads up—you’ll need to have Flash installed and your sound on for the full experience!


4. Which Art & Design career suits your skills?

The Academy of Art University created this quick and handy quiz
 to help figure out which creative career is best suited to your skills and passions. Answer their ten questions, then be matched with the art & design career that fits you best and aligns with your aspirations.


5. What’s your color?

Ever wonder what color best represents your personality? The What’s Your Color
 quiz asks you 20 questions to determine your personality type and how to improve your work and social interactions. Invite your friends to take the quiz too, then match your color against one another to analyze compatibility and get tips on how to strengthen your relationship.


Bonus: Which art movement are you?

Can’t get enough creative introspection? Check out this quick and fun infographic that determines which art movement you most closely identify with
and why. Then, keep scrolling (or don’t!) to learn all about the different art movements.

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