3D eye-candy: Your favorite app icons get brought to life

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As UI designers continue to experiment and embrace 3D design & illustration, it’s safe to say this design trend is here to stay.

Recently, a handful of designers on Dribbble have been sharing incredible reinterpretations of popular mobile app icons designed in a completely 3D environment.
For many designers like Alexander Shatov, the inspiration comes from Apple’s macOS Big Sur Preview:

“[Recently,] Apple introduced macOS Big Sur with a beautiful new design. They remade many icons in the Dock to be more consistent with icons across the Apple ecosystem while retaining their Mac personality.

 Apple is experimenting more with 3D shapes in their UI and taking some old skeuomorphic visuals into the new look. That is why I made my vision of the 3D illustrations based on the new ones, that can be used in the UI and marketing materials.”

Below, you can check out some of Alexander’s designs, plus more neat explorations from the community. These designers have done a great job at capturing the essence of the original icon while giving it a 3D makeover. Enjoy the eye-candy!

  1. Messages vray c4d 3dsmax ios messages macos bigsur icon design illustration logo render icon 3d design webshocker

  2. Instagram 3d Icon Concept concept ios 14 ios app app gradient blender 3d macos icon icon design icondesign iconography bigsur macos ios blender render illustraion icon 3d instagram

  3. Apple TV 3dsmax vray render macos big sur icon design logo tv apple icon 3d design webshocker

  4. 3D Icons clean minimal design apple arnold c4d bigsur icons betraydan

  5. Airbnb 3d icon mobile apple ios photoshop 3dsmax vray render icondesign logo airbnb icon 3d design webshocker

  6. Slack icon photoshop 3dsmax vray macos bigsur slack render icon design icon 3d design webshocker

  7. folder icon blender3d blender 3d paper folder empty state iconography icons illustration icon

  8. macOS Big Sur Figma Icon skeumorphism macbook app icon branding new product design visualization vector logo 3d big sur figma figma icon macos

  9. Dribbble | Big Sur App Icon graphic neumorphism skeumorphism invite logo blender 3d app icons dribbble app icon big sur

  10. The App Store Icon (macOS Big Sur) wwdc 3d madeinaffinity big sur icon macos

  11. Spotify 3d Icon Concept design iconography blender 3d notes songs render macos icon macos ios14 ios streaming music icon design icon blender illustration bigsur app 3d spotify

  12. Google maps big sur photoshop 3dsmax vraz render icon design maps google macos app icon 3d design webshocker

  13. Apple Arcade Icon skeuomorphism neomorphism joystick ios game arcade 3d big sur macos apple icon

  14. Safari icon browser safari photoshop 3dsmax vray icon design render big sur mac os icon 3d design webshocker

Row 1:
Webshocker – Matjaz Valentar,
Alexander Shatov,
Nikita Melnikov.
Row 2:
Webshocker – Matjaz Valentar,
Daniel Klopper,
Webshocker – Matjaz Valentar.
Row 3:
Webshocker – Matjaz Valentar,
Martin David for ottonova,
Andrejs Hairulins.
Row 4:
Stéfano Girardelli,
Kamil Khadeyev,
Alexander Shatov.
Row 5:
Webshocker – Matjaz Valentar,
Andrey Davlikanov,
Webshocker – Matjaz Valentar.


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