30 famous animated characters reimagined by another designer

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If you’re interested in character design, it’s likely because you have a deep love of characters—whether they be from movies, video games, cartoons, etc. The Dribbble community is no exception to the appreciation of this art form, and today a handful of designers have prepared a special treat for you…

Brace yourselves—because your favorite animated characters have received a wild makeover! New characters and old have been reimagined below by another illustrator or designer in our community. You’ll find your favorite characters from video games, Disney movies, TV shows and more. See if you can identify your favorite fictional friends and explore how a new design can significantly change a character’s personality and unique traits. Enjoy!

  1. Come what may . . .

  2. Link

  3. Honor

  4. Frozen

  5. G is for garfield

  6. Mary Poppins

  7. Illustration

  8. Calvin and Hobbes (tribute to C&H & Mendeleev'16)

  9. Night Duel

Row 1:
VISU∆L jams,
Mohamed Chahin,
Diobelle Cerna.
Row 2:
Benoit Drigny,
Kirk! Wallace,
Row 3:
Kendrick Kidd,
Adam Quest,
Scotty Reifsnyder.

  1. Pocahontas

  2. Smokey Bear Illustration

  3. Dahhhhhling

  4. Characters

  5. Groot speedpaint

  6. Mojo Jojo

  7. Mario and Plants

  8. Psychedelic Oscar the Grouch

  9. Hipster Minnie Vinylmation

Row 1:
Chabe Escalante,
Brian Edward Miller,
Row 2:
Jonathan Ball,
Matt Kaufenberg.
Row 3:
Daniel Duplex,
Rob Zangrillo,
Jerrod Maruyama.

  1. Moana

  2. There's a snake in my boot

  3. Down the Rabbit Hole

  4. Cruella De Vil

  5. Wild man jumping in jungles

  6. Maleficent

  7. Jessica Rabbit

  8. Donald Duck

  9. Popeye

  10. Disney World / Stitch

  11. Russell

Row 1:
helen bucher,
PJ Offner,
Daniel Mackey.
Row 2:
Anna Hurley,
Steve ✦ Lowtwait,
Anton Fritsler (kit8) for Kit8.
Row 3:
Alfrey Davilla | vaneltia,
Ryan Brinkerhoff,
Tony Bui.
Row 4:
Dmitry Stolz for Wonderlust,

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