15 on point enamel pins to gift your designer friends

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We all know that designers love rocking (or collecting!) quality enamel pins. Show your designer buddies how much you appreciate their never-ending support this holiday season by gifting them an enamel pin only a designer would appreciate.

The best part is, the fifteen enamel pins below are designed and sold by Dribbble designers themselves. Click on each Shot to find the purchase link and make your graphic designer friends feel extra special this holiday season. For more gift ideas, be sure to check out our official Designer Holiday Gift Guide 2019 where we share some of the best holiday gift ideas for every kind of designer.

  1. Artsy as f*ck

  2. Patience

  3. Final File

  4. Comic Sans Enamel Pin

  5. Command Z: Midas Variant

  6. Strength in Letters Pins

  7. ctrl freak pin

  8. Internet Friends Pin Set

  9. Ampersand Pin

  10. Shape Cult: Eye Nib

  11. Helvetica Enamel Pin

  12. loremipsumpin

  13. Death Before Spec Work (Third Eye Variant)

  14. "Creative" pin

Row 1:
Gloria Shugleva,
Jez Burrows,
Justin Mezzell for Super Team Deluxe.
Row 2:
Paulius Kairevicius,
Justin Mezzell for Super Team Deluxe,
Mark Caneso.
Row 3:
Joanna Behar,
Roman / logo & branding,
Allie Mounce for Pretty Useful Co..
Row 4:
Nick Matej,
Daniel Haire,
Paulius Kairevicius.
Row 5:
Joanna Behar,
Rogie for Super Team Deluxe,
Gloria Shugleva.

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