10 ways to explain the job of a graphic designer to a child

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If you’re a professional graphic designer and parent, have you ever tried explaining to your kids what it is exactly that you do for work?

A few weeks ago on Dribbble’s design podcast, Overtime, we had an anonymous caller chime in and ask, “How would you describe the job of a graphic designer to a kindergartener?” Well, who better to ask than our very own design community. So, we decided to share the question on our Instagram, and you can bet we got all kinds of responses.

We’ve collected a handful of them here that are either spot-on accurate, or downright hilarious. Next time your kid asks what you do, feel free to pull some inspiration from one of these gems!


Thanks to everyone who chimed in the comments! You can check out the rest of the responses in the comments of the original Instagram post here. Follow us and keep up to date with the latest on Dribbble!

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